Something more…

When designing your new vacancy job profile within your people team you should pay keen attention to development and project opportunities.

Gone are the days when a simple reference to involvement with ad hoc HR projects in job adverts will suffice.

The specifics of those projects are what will attract and retain the best talent to your function.

Those business as usual duties are a given and what the most progressive HR peeps are seeking is not to be pigeon-holed by hierarchical titles, hence the increasing number choosing to go down the consultancy route.

Arguably by keeping People peeps “in their place” with outdated HR titles, not only is their personal development being thwarted but also their potential impact for your organisation and its people.

People Partner or HR Generalist goes along way, for example, in serving to move beyond confusing and non-reflective HR job titles.

The majority of People Peeps these days, like most workers, are seeking a challenge and exposure to key projects central to an organisations journey and growth.

Those HR Leaders that invest in their greatest asset, namely their HR team, and encourage them to develop and take on projects that will provide stretch will reap the rewards. 

The same being true for business leaders when considering how much autonomy they should bestow on their next Chief People Officers.

The best point for demonstrating commitment towards this investment is when role-profiling and drafting your adverts.

It has been well-documented that we no longer live in a job for life economy and that the average length of service is decreasing. Bearing this in mind, to attract the best people and to get the most out of them, the best strategy is to offer something more.

So the question is, how much are you willing to invest?

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